General Contracting

General Contracting Services Your Equity Partners & Lenders Will Appreciate

The most significant risks to any construction project are cost overruns and change orders introduced by contractors who never accurately bid the project.  In their haste to simply get the work, many contractors hide the true cost of the project and hope to introduce costly change orders when it is too late to change direction.

The professionals at Desert Shore have worked years developing their own projects, and have also worked for lenders to complete troubled projects.  Desert Shore prides itself on thinking like a developer, always with an eye on successfully completing the project and monitoring impacts to the bottom line.  Having worked with construction finance lenders and equity partners, we are experienced in managing projects and reporting on each milestone to meet financing expectations, keeping the project on track and getting the job done.

If you are ready to work with a general contractor with the development experience to instill confidence in your construction finance lenders and equity partners, let us show you how we can help manage your project through the construction phase.

We Can Help You With City Approvals


Gaining the necessary approvals to begin building your custom home can take years to complete. At Desert Shore, we regularly work with planning commissions, city planners, inspectors, engineers and architects. As your construction partner, we walk you through each step of the approval process to save time and money in bringing your dream home to life.

Ready to begin designing and building your custom home? Get in touch with Desert Short today!