Development Investment Opportunities

Invest with a Trusted Residential Development Partner

In the booming Southern California market, residential development has the potential to yield huge returns for investors. But identifying profitable projects and managing the process requires a trusted partner with time-tested expertise in every phase of development. At Desert Shore, we leverage our unique financial and construction experience to locate and complete viable residential construction projects.

We start by identifying potential parcels of land for entitlement and development. By calculating the building costs down to the hinges, we accurately analyze the profitability of the entire project to ensure we’re making a smart investment. From there, we manage the entire process — from construction to sale — to provide the maximum return to our investors.

Why Partner With Desert Shore?

Through our combined experience in investment analysis and residential construction development, we understand how to identify high-yield projects and complete them without the need for multiple layers of administrative cost. We routinely work with lenders, receivers and equity partners to bridge the gap between operations and finance. As a full service developer, you can rely on Desert Shore to handle every step of the process, including:

  • Locating Lucrative Land Entitlements: Our team vets hundreds of potential parcels of land to ensure we choose the best location for investing in residential construction.
  • Determining What to Build: We work directly with our network of architects and engineers to fine-tune the details of the build and ensure it aligns with budget and anticipated ROI.
  • Fixing Costs to Set a Realistic Budget: We begin with an onsite inspection and utilize detailed bids from our subcontractors – not estimates – to determine the actual cost to complete construction, avoiding unexpected costs that could delay the project.
  • Evaluating the Profitability of the Project: When evaluating the viability of an investment, Desert Shore analysts determine the cost of projected returns, identify the optimal listing price if offered for sale and calculate the costs to maintain the property for a long-term hold strategy. We also factor in project margins, investor rate of return, required equity and construction loans needed. In turn, you can be confident  all of the contingencies have been factored into the analysis.
  • Financing the Project: We work with a number of construction finance lenders to obtain financing for the construction  phase of each project.  We are also equipped to handle all aspects of project accounting, loan draws, scheduling and project pro formas that meet the needs of diverse lenders and equity partners.
  • Marketing the Finished Product for Sale: Our expertise doesn’t end at construction. We also handle all sales and marketing activities to locate potential buyers for the completed project.

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