Residential Development

Residential Construction Services,
On-Time and On-Budget

Desert Shore specializes in contracting and design/build services for residential construction projects in the Southern California area. As a full-service developer and general contractor, we oversee the project from land acquisition, design, financing, construction, sales and customer service. We can assist with as little or as much of the full entitlement and development process as you need.

Why Choose Desert Shore?



Rough estimates and sloppy bids are all too common among general contractors. The reason is simple: It takes time and effort to fully and accurately bid out a project. Owners and developers inevitably get hit with numerous change orders over issues the contractor should have caught before bidding the job.

At Desert Shore, we pride ourselves on offering accurate bids — not estimates — based off a site inspection, project conditions and bids by our subcontractors against each part of your approved plans. Leveraging our 50 years of combined construction management and development experience, we anticipate and plan for every phase of your residential construction project

We’re confident in our ability to accurately bid a project, and we are not the only ones to place so much confidence in our ability to deliver the project on-time and under budget.  We have successfully taken over troubled projects from previous contractors and completed these projects for the lending institutions that had loaned money against them.

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